Just Do It

If I want to be a writer, all I have to do is write. 

Seems simple enough doesn’t it? Isn’t it funny how we can often be the captors of our own minds? We make things so difficult for ourselves, and project those inhibitions onto others. I have spent countless hours analyzing and comparing all of my ambitions to that of someone else’s. I have been my worst critic, and at the same time my best advocate.

I struggle with finding the balance between the two. How much am I supposed to look before I jump, and when is it the opportune time to take that leap? How does one be aware, but not hold themselves back? There’s dozens of questions I could ask, but I think I’ve gotten it narrowed down. I have to trust in myself and let whatever is meant to be, just be. We are the narrators of our stories, and the star in the spotlight among our audience. Life is a work of art, everything starts with a simple feeling that excites us and enlightens us. We have a vision, but we don’t always know how that dream will come to fruition. The unknown can be daunting, and put those like myself in a state of panic inevitably leading to the inability to produce that which makes us happy. 

Conquering that fear starts with jumping, it begins when you hear that inner critic’s voice and take the plunge anyway. When your mind has no idea what the f**k it’s going to do, but your heart is compelled to follow its desires. As the beautiful Shia Labeouf once said, just do it. The more you act towards your goals, the easier they become to obtain. Confidence comes after, not before. It’s okay to fail because that only builds endurance. Allow yourself to be open minded, and understand that everyone must start somewhere. Have the courage to swallow your pride and seek guidance when feeling at a loss. This is among one of the many obstacles I have to overcome while pursuing my passions. I am a person with multiple creative endeavors which can leave me incredibly frazzled trying to make time for them with the addition of my daily priorities (work, studies, relationships, etc). For example, it’s challenging being a writer and also a dancer, the two are so vastly different from each other. It’s like a test for both my internal and external world. Dedicating time to my literacy skills, movement, and all the while being grounded within myself. All I know is that regardless of any worries I will succeed in all that I aim to be, and most importantly, I will be happy.

It’s like driving a vehicle down a long road with no idea where it’s headed. I’m tired, overwhelmed, and have lost my map along the way but I refuse to step on the brakes. When my consciousness becomes clouded, I let the love I have deep within my heart lead the way. Being blindly optimistic, and having fun with the life I’m creating for myself. 

So whether you’re shooting for the stars, or aimlessly floating amongst them, remember whatever path you’re on it’s the right one. Whatever it is you want, don’t overthink it – just do it. 

2 thoughts on “Just Do It

  1. I felt this. I actually want to get a tattoo explicitly saying ‘Just Do It’ or something symbolic (Nike symbol lol) just to remind myself. I can definitely relate as so much can hold us back without even knowing. But f**k it- just do it!


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