True beauty is about ownership of what I already have. Celebrating my body like the temple that it is, and worshipping myself ever so heavenly like the goddess I am. Tapping into the most luminous state of being. Magnificence is mine, it’s ours, it’s yours. She moves through these veins coursing up and down like a speed of light. As she kisses these lips she bestows eternal bliss. Such power is given when I own the divine hiding within me.

I wanted to start involving my body with my craft. Utilizing my vessel as a canvas for self expression, and channeling every powerful emotion through this vessel and feeling it overflow with magical ecstasy. Power through words is soul touching, visual art is breathtaking, but there’s something uncanny about creating with your body. When you think about it, as women we are capable of giving birth and baring children. This ability has been manifesting inside of us since the dawn of time. We are, as we’ve always been, a work of art. From my voice, to my vision, to my skin. I am unexplainable magic flowing through this realm fabricating itself into something we’ve never seen before.

Watch me shimmer, watch me glow. Simple cheers and bravo.


Photo by my wonderful sister, Savannah Daras 💚


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