Divine Feminine

Looking at old portraits of myself with colored hair, I don’t know this person. I feel so much love for her, but I don’t believe her to be real. Everything about my personality has changed in numerous ways. Being reborn in the same skin, but with new eyes.

I found myself to have fallen asleep all winter, recognizing the severe effects the cold season has on me. The effects sugar has on my mind, and how incredibly important it is for me to move my body. Things can get so cripplingly hard, and at times I am eager to fly away as far as my body will take me. I look around at my life and there’s so many things I wish to change, so many things I will change. I’m thankful for where I have been, for it has led me to where I am today. I’ve awoken along with spring, my soul budding like a newborn flower.

Last summer I felt so aligned and full of bliss. My skin glowing from the kiss of the sun, and my body lean from the movement and nourishment. I fell asleep again, but I’m awake now. I’m home, and I’m about to start illuminating. Shedding my anxieties and doubts, I am the embodiment of the divine feminine.

Hear me roar.


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