Your Gift ✨

As I sat there staring out my bedroom window, watching the snowfall I realized something. Everyone on this earth serves some type of purpose. We all have a gift, leaving us with an inevitable role to play. Some of us are destined to be doctors, teachers, creators, entertainers, the list can only go on. The cool thing is that we can do our part in any form that we want. Things don’t have to be one way or another. It may seem overwhelming at first, but what’s incredible is that there’s a boundless amount of possibilities.  

Growing up we all have role models. Sometimes they’re positive, sometimes they’re negative. Our upbringing affects us more than some people realize. It’s during those innocent moments that we learn how our surroundings function and how our inner world is meant to operate. We’re born knowing who we are, we already know what our gift is. Some of us hold onto it, and pursue it head on. Some of us lose our way and disconnect from our gift entirely. But some of us arise from the ashes, from experiencing trauma and devastation we can be reborn. Our gift can twinkle at us like a star shining in the night sky.

We live in a society where so many individuals aren’t actually living, they’re detached from happiness or their truest selves. Life can seem meaningless and annoying. You can drown out your sorrows in things like social media, basically any type of distraction that will keep you from acknowledging the fact you’re running from living up to your potential. I’ve heard others say they don’t want to be happy, that they’re comfortable being depressed and paying more attention to reality Tv shows than their own reality.

These people aren’t doomed, they’re scared. I was once too. They spent so long being caged, that even the slightest idea of freedom can cause crippling anxiety. Regardless of how much fear, your gift still remains. It awaits the day for you to realign with it and embrace it with confidence. There’s a power rooted within all of us. It moves and it flows, coursing up and down your body like a wave. It illuminates and it spreads, radiating off of you even when you think it isn’t.

I can’t tell you all the answers, I can’t give you specifics on what to do. But I will say this, I highly recommend to learn how to distract yourself less. Sign off social media for a day, take the time to actually focus on you and your needs. Put other people on hold for a while, pay attention to how those around you make you feel. What feels wrong in your life and how can you make that change? Start out small, congratulate yourself for every baby step. Listen to your own voice, and not the voice of others. What does your heart tell you? Where is your intuition guiding you? Your journey is going to be completely different than someone else’s. The more you trust, the more you believe in yourself, you will witness yourself change for the better. You can completely reconstruct your life. It all starts right now. Your gift is beckoning to you, are you ready to present it to the world?    

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