Winter Angst

Here’s the thing about winter, it provides way too much time to think and get trapped within our minds. It’s like your body and brain are at war. Physically you long to go outside, feel the sun on your skin, swim in the ocean, and just be in nature enjoying the greenery, the sound of birds. However mentally you’re caged, your brain is running a mile a minute because your body can’t. It’s too busy keeping warm, because outside everything is frozen. We experience that seasonal depression, if you’re a person who’s already sensitive (like myself) it’s like the emotions are on a roller coaster for three months straight. A part of the earth is asleep and you’re wide awake like a child on Christmas wanting to open your presents but your parents are too weary for such energy.

Sitting here analyzing everything, I somewhat feel like I’m going crazy. There are ways to get around this, finding some type of activity and powering through the blizzards is key. It can be literally anything. Like creation, in my example writing or photography. Last winter for us Mainers was brutal. On top of the snow, I was dealing with my own issues. I decided an amazing outlet was adventuring outside my cozy walls and expressing my raw emotions through storytelling imagery. I utilized models as my characters, each person I chose was selected for a specific feeling to represent. The turnout was beautiful. I had never taken pictures so meaningful before. I had taken an uncomfortable experience and turned it into something positive. The weather may have been undesirable but it provided the most perfect setting for the art to come to life.

If you aren’t an emotional creative who’s got most of their stuff together then maybe times like this are a piece of cake. Maybe you’re a person who travels during the off season, maybe you’re highly athletic and spend most of your time at the gym etc. Whatever it is you’re doing, remember to prioritize some type of activity that’ll make your mind wonder a bit less. Be gentle with yourself, and always always be kind. Don’t forget that you’re not alone in this battle, we’re all trying to stay sane when everyone in our Instagram feed is vacationing on a tropical island meanwhile we’re camping out in front of a space heater. This is the most challenging time for anyone who lives in a place where the heat isn’t year round. It may be dreadful, but once spring appears around the corner you can’t help but smile. Like cherry blossoms in Boston, that divine aroma of familiarity. That child on Christmas morning can finally open their gift, summer is on it’s way.

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